Lightsaber Training

 Do you all kinda wish you were Jedi Knights? Of course you do.

Barring becoming official members of the Force-wielding rebellion, do you at least daydream of being able to duel someone with a lightsaber? Of COURSE you do.

Well, now you actually can!

Classes are held every Friday evening for ages 7 - 15
Time: 18:00 - 19:00

A typical Lightsaber class involves:

If you want to bring your young Padawan to the Lightsaber class, just be sure to dress in athletic, work-out clothes. Lightsabers will be provided!

Almost every kid wants to be a martial artist at some point in their childhood (and adulthood, too, if you’re like us…), so why not be the coolest parent in the entire GALAXY and suggest a little lightsaber training?

Guaranteed: your kid will go crazy for the idea!

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