MMA classes in Peterborough were just not available in the past and anyone wanting to train in MMA were having to travel out of Peterborough to get classes, which is why Immortal 365  Peterborough decided to run dedicated MMA classes with pro MMA instructors.

We also have installed a 15ft MMA cage on training floor too for use during class and during "open mat" sessions

MMA (mixed martial arts) is now seen as the “way forward” for developing the ultimate fighting and defence skills, not just for fighters wishing to fight professionally but for the every day self defence skills that are now seen as a “must have” in today’s increasingly violent society.  

Our Peterborough MMA classes are a great way to keep fit and improve your cardio. Of course there is a bit more to it than that!

As well as Improving your fitness and cardio levels, at Immortal MMA Peterborough you will learn fight skills  and self confidence within every aspect of your daily life.

Fighters have been vastly improving over the last few years with the introduction of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) it is no longer good enough to be a master of one Martial Art. To days fighters have a broad range of Martial Arts skills. Which is why we run other dedicated fight and training classes as well as MMA classes such as our Muay Thai, Judo, Submission Wrestling, Core fitness, Tang soo do classes and more. This gives our Martial Arts students the opportunity to train in different styles and enhance their MMA training with skills in the required areas.

What you learn in the MMA classes:

Stand up skills
During MMA classes you will learn stand up skills such as footwork,elbowing,kicking,kneeing,punching.

Ground work skills
Learn Submission holds and how to defend against them. Learn and maintain ground control.

Learn clinching techniques,takedowns and throws. And lots lots more!

All MMA training at our Martial Arts Academy is undertaken with total respect and safety in mind to ensure a safe,friendly and relaxed environment for everyone attending the classes.

Along with a huge fully matted MMA training area and a 15 ft Purpose built MMA cage, toilets,changing rooms and reception area with tuck shop we are well geared to getting you on your way to that professional mixed martial art’s fight or training you to defend yourself in your everyday life.

Pop in for a coffee and chat, you will be most welcome.

Don’t forget that your first MMA class is free!

So call in and give it a try.   

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