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So who are we?  Well, we’re a group of martial artists who love martial arts and general fitness.  It’s been a goal of ours to open our own full time martial arts and fitness centre and back in March 2014 we accepted the challenge!  We opened one of, if not, the largest full time martial arts centre in East Anglia, located in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

We have tried various martial arts over the years; some styles we loved, some styles we didn’t!  But was it the style or how it was delivered?  With this question in mind we wanted to open our own centre with fellow expert instructors that not only knew the art but could teach it in a competent and friendly way with any ego’s left at the door!

We are well on the way now and have invited several top instructors, within their styles, to join us.  At the moment we have classes covering all of the following:  Taekwondo, Boxing, Kick Boxing (freestyle & hybrid), Haedong Kumdo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira, Sword & Weapons, Lightning Arnis / Escrima, Pressure Points & Rapid Defence.  And that’s just the evenings!  During the day we also offer: Zumba, Tai Chi, Circuit training and cardio / aerobic classes, using exercises from Boxing, Kick boxing & Dance.  There is a variety of mixed and women only training sessions.  If there’s something we’ve missed please, let us know!

We can cover this large number of classes due to our immense training area.  Measuring at approximately 5000square feet of actual training mat, we could fit more than 55 mini coopers in there with space to spare, although this might make it difficult to train!!  We also have a comfortable viewing / waiting area with full central heating along with toilet & changing facilities.

And if that isn’t enough, you can even book 1-2-1 training sessions with our instructors to receive their undivided attention.  These sessions can focus on a specific personal target, a forthcoming competition or can be used if you simply can’t make it to the timetabled classes and want to keep training.  The 1-2-1 training sessions can boost your training regime to help you achieve your full potential.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be keeping you up to date with new events being held at the centre and we’ll be going through each of the styles to give you more information on the instructors, the styles themselves, the benefits and answer any questions you may have.

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Feel free to check us out, ask us any questions you have, download the latest timetable and book your first, or next, training session with us.  The first session in any discipline is free.

From all of us at Immortal 365, thanks for reading and see you at the centre very soon!

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